Thursday, June 16, 2005

Aaron Fultz watch

Fultz faced one batter last night, and retired him on a fly ball. Fultz continues to have a season surpassing all expectation and notice. He pitches very little, but extremely effectively so far. In fact, he has arguably been one of the top relievers on the team.

This blog will follow Fultz's season as long as nobody else is. I am starting a pool for how long it will take before there is a feature article on Fultz in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

One thing to note about last night's game: The Phils are still getting on base. If you subscribe (as I do) to the idea that there is not such thing as a clutch hitter, you are encouraged by this fact, instead of being constantly focusing on the inevitable times when you don't get hits with RISP. The odds always even out, boys. Let not your heart be troubled.


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