Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This is the sort of thing I read for fun...

And if you like heavy math with regards to baseball, you'll like it, too.

Baseball fans come in many different stripes and colors, and none of them is wrong for loving the game. As has been pointed out in another site, some people just aren't numbers guys. Does this mean they love baseball less? Absolutely not. Me, I love numbers, and it greatly adds to my enjoyment of a game. Does this mean I love baseball less than Joe Morgan? Well, maybe he loves it more than I do, because he's made millions of dollars doing it. Or maybe I love it more than he does, because I have a passion depsite the fact I've never made a dime from baseball.

At any rate, baseball is a great game that calls to many different people. Despite the popularity of Football, Basketball, etc., I am confident that baseball is the sport which will endure the longest. It has been outshone by other various sports over the past 100+ years, and will be outshone again, but in another 100+ years it will still be around, and people will be arguing over whether Bonds, Ruth, or some new player born in 2058 is the best player ever. Baseball calls out to many people, many generations, many cultures, and over the years.


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