Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday update

Mike continues to offer premium analysis of the Phillies for free, this time with the infield defense.

Over at Balls, Sticks and Stuff (the only Philly blog to be featured in The Hardball Times), Tom gives his first impressions on the impact of losing Wolf for the season. "But one question I'd like an answer to: How important is it to have a lefty in the rotation? How important is it to throw a different look out there each day?"

I think that's a good question, worthy of in depth analysis.

At the Inquirer, Todd Zolecki wraps up last night's loss to the Mariners. I wonder why the fact that the Mariners play in a pitcher's park isn't mentioned. Ah, well. That's why we have blogs.

Tom Goodman congratulates Ichiro! on his 1,000th hit.

Wade Boggs discusses the latest Union Construction Project in Philly.

The Hardball Times has updated their cool graphs and stats through the 15th. Note how much better the Phils are at OBP than the rest of the league, and are rising with their ISO.


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