Monday, July 18, 2005

The beginning of the second half...

Well, that was a good start. Big series wins, one 3 out of 4, against our big division rivals. What more can one ask for?

Well, maybe one thing. (I kid because I love. I am from the south, and therefore I can make such jokes. So there).

Anyway, to me, I think that Florida is done. Toast. Finished. Over. Maybe it was the overuse of the starters. Maybe it is the fatigue of playing in the heat and humidity of Miami. Maybe they just overacheived in the first third of the year, and are coming back to earth fast. I don't know. But when I see articles like these, I think the ownership is just about to cash it in for the season (subscription required. Rumor is Burnett is to be traded).

So, with the Mets likely still stuck in the mediocrity they've played in all season (never more than 5 games above or below .500), the second half could, should, come down to a three team race.

Atlanta: How hard is it to figure out the Braves this season? They aren't expected to contend, lose their best 2 pitchers and best position player, and start winning against everybody? I only hope they are playing above their heads, and the return of the veterans will sap the energy the young 'uns gave them. Otherwise, they could really close the door on the division in a hurry.

Washington: What can you say about a team which should have 43 wins, but instead have 53? My hope is that they haven't discovered a secret way to win close games, and their second half will see them come down to .500 ball playing their first half should have been.

Us: Bottom line here - If Thome has a Thome-like second half, we battle for the division. If he's MIA, we battle for the wild card. It's really that simple. With him at his super, HOF-er type level, we win. Without him, we struggle to break even.


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