Monday, September 12, 2005

Thought for the day:

Tonight, Philadelphia plays Atlanta. And Atlanta plays Philadelphia.

If you could choose, which would you rather have, a series sweep of the Braves, or winning the one game tonight?

While we're at it, which would you rather have, a Superbowl win or a World Series win?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well, this isn't what I had in mind...

When I posted that the next 6 games would be critical.

Sorry about all the optimism, folks. It was really unwarranted.

How bout them Eagles?

- sigh.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Next 6 games make (but not break) for Phillies

Over the next six games, the Phillies are playing the Nats and the Astros. Having severely hurt the Met's chances of making the playoffs, the next six games could possibly end a lot of the doubt about what we'll be doing next month.

Florida has an incredibly tough schedule with a lot of games on the road. While they're not out of it, we have a much better chance than they do. Let's not forget the Marlins and Mets get to beat up on each other while we play the 'Stros.

Houston is now our closest competition for the W/C. They have a relatively easy schedule for September, but aren't really playing that well since their huge run in late July. We get to play them at home, where we play really well, and they play us on the road, where they are terrible.

The Nats have little chance of winning anything now, and a winning series against them will effectively end their season.

So basically, it comes down to the next six games. If we go 6-0, we waltz into the postseason. Houston will be dealt a devastating blow, and I don't see the Mets and Marlins keeping pace with that. 5-1 would also be great, especially if 3 of the wins come against Houston. 4-2, winning both series will greatly improve our chances, and 3-3 will leave us where we are right now, maybe marginally better because we'll still likely be in first in the WC with fewer games to go. 2-4 means we've fallen back into the pack but still have good chances, while 1-5 or 0-6 would be very, very difficult, although not impossible, to recover from.

So it's time for the Phillies to make some hay. A short hot run right now, and we're targeting the Braves for the division!

Go Phils!