Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Season's grades so far

Top Scores:

Abreu - the divisive slugger has an OPS of over 1.000.

Myers - May be developing into the ace we all hoped for.

Burrell - Cannot be asked to do more than he has so far.

Madson - With the staff's lowest ERA, turning into the innings-eating, groundball-producing machine he's hinted at in the bullpen over the past 2 years. Plus he can hit!

Gordon - Billy who?

Rollins - If JRoll keeps up his .380 OBA, he'll set the Philly mark for runs in a season.

Pretty Darn Good:

Rowand - poor defense to date keeps him out of the top spot.

Lieberthal - Probably won't continue at this level, but so far, so good.

Cormier - Will Frenchie revert to his 2005 ways?

Rhodes - What a luxury it will be if we have 2 good lefties in the pen.

Fair to Middlin':

Howard - He's not going to be an all-star by legging out infield singles.

Utley - Despite a good slugging percentage, an OBA of .280 isn't going to cut it.

Lidle - A solid #3 starter.

Floyd - A promising start in Atlanta keeps him out of the doghouse.

Back of the Class:

The entire third base position - Uggh. Will the pitchers outhit the third basemen this year?

Lieber - Did he really start game 1? He's been a train wreck so far this season.

The bench - Have they even got one hit so far?

Santana and Geary - We'll need one of these two to step up with at least adequate right handed help. Flash can't do it all by himself.


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