Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well, one down.

That's not exactly how we drew it up.

The good:
King Kong blasted a no doubter today, showing that his spring was no fluke.

JRoll extended his hitting streak, lacing a double in the eighth on a 3-0 count. He also hit the ball hard each time up.

We touched up the reigning Cy Young winner for nine hits and four runs.

Rowand looked good at the plate, including a long AB against Carpenter which lasted around 10 pitches and ended with a double. That's the kind of AB we need.

The Bad:
Lieber fell apart in the fourth.

The Bullpen didn't help, either. Fultz indicated that last year was, indeed, a fluky year, giving up 4 hits (including a HR) and 3 Runs (1 earned) in only 2 innings.

The Ugly:
The Wall claimed it's first victim, and it was Phillie Utley. I got so sick last year every time I heard "The Phils can't win with this field" when the Phils had a much better record at home than away. It wasn't the fields' fault we came up short. And now the changes have hurt the Phils. Wonder if the talking heads will mention this?

JRoll and Utley failed to turn a DP in the fourth, and only got the lead runner. Then the bleeding started, ending in massive shock and the code was called that half-inning.

Rowand dove for a ball in the fourth, missed, and it became a triple. I know it was just one game, but that's not how it was supposed to go, either. Shaky defense hurt the Phils a lot more than the scoreboard indicated.


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