Monday, May 22, 2006


Thoughts on the retirement of Alex S. Gonzalez.

Best line:

What's amazing to me is that he had a 13 year career from which to retire.
Here's the ever-classy Tom's thoughts:
To Gonzalez, we wish him well.

My thoughts:

While we cheer or boo the great players, we should, I think, stop and remember those whose talent did not match their desire. While we can make fun of a player with an OBP of .302 lifetime, and a career slugging percentage of .391, remember that he got to play in the big leagues for over a dozen years, and you didn't.

So hats off to a man who lived the dream for as long as he could. Alex, we salute you with a cold one tonight! You never made all-star, but you did make the show, and stuck for longer than anyone would ever have thought. Well done.


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