Thursday, May 11, 2006

Inspired by the "Streak" I watched "Bull Durham" last night...

After at least 10 years. Naturally, it wasn't quite what I remembered. Here are the two biggest problems I had:

1) Crash said he'd been in the minors 12 years, and we find out he's been at least in AAA for part of that time, and he's hit 247 Homers for his minor league career by the end of the movie. That's an average of over 20 HRs a year for 12 years, and all he's ever had was a cup of coffee for 21 days? You don't think he could have outhit, say, Ryan Doumit last year? I mean, isn't a backup catcher with some pop worth more than a cup of coffee? Especially when you consider that it's a short season, and while he averaged 20 a year, he must have had a few years when he hit over 30, maybe even 40! I found it impossible to buy that one.

2) Nuke's first start is being discussed by the Skip and bench coach. In his outing, he struck out 18, walked 18, and had innumerable wild pitches, hit batsmen, etc. I believe if it had been a no-hitter, they would have mentioned it. Now just do the math. 18x4 = 72. 18x3= 54. We're up to 126 pitches at a minimum before hit batsmen, hits, errors, etc are considered!! Nuke had to have thrown over 200 pitches in his professional debut!!! This was the 80s, before pitch counts were considered as important as they are today, but can you even conceive of this happening even 50 years ago??? The manager would have been fired by the organization before the night was through.

Please tell me I'm not alone when I notice stuff like this.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Nothing in that movie made sense. Angels in the Outfield was more plausible.

But did you see that catch tonight?!


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