Monday, May 01, 2006

Phillies of the Month: April

Phillies' Hitter of the Month:

This is a pretty tough choice, because Bobby Abreu and Pat Burrell both had outstanding Aprils.

Pat the Bat: OBA .400, SLG .613, 7HRs, 21 RBI - An excellent slugging % has lifted the Phils to many of their April Wins.

Bobby: OBA .444, SLG .550, 24 hits and 24 walks leading to 19 runs scored.

So, which hitter was more valuable? As much as I agree with "OBA is life" and as big a fan as I am of Bobby, I have to pick Pat Burrell as the offensive player of the month for April. Congratulations, Pat. You're the first ever Pawnking's Phillies' Hitter of the Month!

Phillies' Pitcher of the month:

This also came down to two contestants: Myers and Gordon

Myers: IP 30.2, ERA 3.23, 2-1 record with 26 K and 13 BB. Pitched a 1-0 gem in Coors field, a feat rarer than a no-hitter or a perfect game.

Flash: IP 11.2, 6 Saves, ERA of 0.84, 17K and 5 BB. The most consistent reliever, an absolute lock for the win when he shows up.

Generally, the innings the starter gives you is worth more than anything a reliever can do. However, in this case Flash's ERA, Ks and sheer intimidating presense in the bullpen has been invaluable. Despite an April as good as can be hoped for by Myers, Gordon gets the nod.

Congratulations, Flash Gordon, Pawnking's Phillies' Pitcher of the Month!


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