Friday, May 26, 2006

Poll: What should be the batting order and why?

With all the chatter lately about Abreu hitting first and where to put Rowand/JRoll, etc, what should be the batting order if you were manager? Why?

Here's my 2 cents:

1) Abreu - Basically a hitter who gets on base almost every other time he comes up to bat needs to hit leadoff. His basestealing and power helps too, of course.

2) Utley - Quite simply the best all-around hitter we have right now, he can both drive in Abreu and get on base himself for the following hitters.

3) Rowand - Good pop in the third spot would equal a lot of RBI for Rowand. His lack of OBP would be less damaging here, and you want to avoid having all your low OBP guys hitting in a row even at the bottom of the order.

4) Burrell - Strong power, good OBP, excellent hitter all around.

5) Howard - Enormous power would keep the pitchers honest for the top 4 hitters. No one would want to face Howard with the bases loaded.

6) Bell - Having a good year, has hit lefties well in the past and can offer some protection for Howard.

7) JRoll - With some decent power for cleanup RIBs, he also has speed which would help with the light hitters coming up behind him.

8) Lieberthal - Some power, and if JRoll is on ahead of him should have some good RBI opportunities.

9) Pitcher

My basic idea is to put OBP guys on first, followed by power guys, followed by speed guys. Of course, Victriano can spell any of the three outfielders, and should be able to hit first, second, sixth or seventh without problem.

By putting JRoll at 7th, when he gets on he will have the ability to steal in front of Lieby and the pitcher. Stealing lower in the order is more valuable than high in the order, as the #8 and 9 hitters aren't as likely to hit for power and therefore the extra bases mean more.

Thoughts? Reactions?


At 10:10 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Hey man, well thought out but I tend to think that Bobby has more power than you are giving him credit for. He's no basher, but he hits plenty of doubles and leads the team with RISP.

At 6:06 AM, Blogger GM-Carson said...

I like your lineup, but I would do mine like this:
1. Abreu- on base skills are perfect for lead off
2. Rowand- breaks up the lefties
3. Utley- great RBI guy
4. Burrell- he's a power hitter, who once again breaks up lefties
5. Howard- dude is awesome
6. Rollins- switch hitter who makes contact, which will be needed with all those men on base
7. Bell- can't stand him, but at least he isn't horrible this season
8. Lieberthal- he is what he is

I could also see doing this Abreu, Utley, Burrell, Howard, Rowand, Rollins, Bell, and Lieby

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

There is a problem with any order that places Lieberthal as the number eight hitter. The idea of the eight hitter is that he can get on base, so the pitcher is not the lead-off hitter the following inning, and someone with good speed, so that in sacrifice situations, the pitcher can bunt him over. Since most of you are puting Rollins at 6 or 7, you might as well put him at 8, since he fits that criteria. Generally, I would think you have your second fastest, second best average, who does not have Homerun ability as your number 8 hitter.

When I was playing MLB 2005, I traded for the current roster. My line-up looked like the following:

1. Rollins
2. Rowand
3. Abreu
4. Burrell
5. Howard
6. Utley
7. Lieberthal
8. Bell

Now that I think of the line-up, I would change it. I still would not put Abreu at number one though, even with his OBP and BA. However, Rowand does not have the speed/SB to be a number lead-off either. Which would lead to Abreu or Utley leading off, unless you keep Rollins leading off, which this whole hypothetical was to avoid. However, it would be to keep the not as fast Rowand at 1, and to not be able to play small ball if necessary, keep Rollins at 1, or move Utley or Abreu. Ideally, either Rowand or Rollins should be the number 8 hitter with the above criteria. However, each move down the batting order loses a player approximately 15 AB a season. Do we want to lose Rowand (who I had at 2 and I were to move him to 9) 105 AB's? I wouldn't want to. So, I would actually keep Manuel's line-up:

1. Rollins
2. Utley
3. Abreu
4. Burrell
5. Howard
6. Rowand
7. Bell
8. Lieberthal


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