Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Non-apology not accepted

Here's the text of Myers' non-apology:

"On the day of my arrest, I consulted with my attorney by phone, who advised me to make no comments about this matter. While I followed his advice at the time, I have felt the need to make some comments about this situation and I do so now.

"First, while I dispute that the facts are as alleged, I recognize that my behavior was inappropriate and for that I apologize.

"Second, I recognize that the incident created an embarrassing situation for many people, including my wife and family, my teammates, the Phillies organization, and fans, and I am very sorry for that.

"Third, my wife and children are very important to me and I am willing to do whatever is necessary to address any problems that might harm our marriage. I have asked the Phillies for some time off so that I can concentrate on this matter and make plans for whatever assistance is appropriate.

"At this time, I do not intend to make any further public comments about this matter."

Forgive me if I'm a little slow, but where in this did Myers accept any responsibility at all for his actions? Anywhere at all?

He starts off with a flat denial of any wrongdoing. Others have pointed out that he only did this to protect himself legally. OK, that may be so, but the fact remains he flatly denied any wrongdoing. So, why is he apologizing? Because his "behavior was inappropriate?" In what way? He doesn't answer. Raising your voice in a movie theater is "inappropriate." Hitting your wife is criminal. So, what, exactly, is he sorry for?

He answers that in the next line. Note that he does not apologize for his actions in any way! Rather, he apologizes that "the incident" created "an embarrassing situation" for many. Was he even involved in "the incident?" Not according to him. He isn't even apologizing for embarrassment, but merely a situation where some may be embarrassed! In other words, he implicitly states that you may be embarrassed, or you may not. Therefore if you are embarrassed, it's almost as much your fault as his. Disgusting.

Furthermore, getting caught in a bar fight at 2am in an "embarrassing situation." Hitting your wife is a shameful one. Does anyone else see the difference?

In order to apologize, one must first accept responsibility for one's actions. Myers has not. His carefully crafted statement is a non-apology, and cannot be accepted as an apology.


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