Friday, June 02, 2006

Phillies of the Month: May 2006

Welcome back to the Phillies of the Month! Also, we'll check in on last month's winners.


Pat Burrell, after a scorching April, has had a much tougher May, with an OBP of .396 but a SLG of only .488. Funny, for all the talk of Bobby Abreu being in a slump in May, his OPS was a very good .919, while Pat had an OPS of .884. Go figure.

For May, the competition wasn't very close. While Utley had a great month, and Bobby had a good one, it's just not everyday when a sophomore belts 13 HRs in a month to lead the majors in that category. Ryan Howard slugged his way to a .696 percentage, and though his OBP was .321 and he drew only one walk (it was intentional), his power more than made up for it.

Congratulations, Ryan Howard, Pawnking's Hitter of the month!


Flash Gordon showed he wasn't, in fact, Superman in May, although I'll take an ERA of 2.19 and 9 saves. Basically, he didn't pitch enough in May to deserve serious consideration for pitcher of the month.

The ERA leader of the month was surprisingly Geoff Geary, with 1.20 ERA in 15 innings, striking out 6.6 per 9 innings while walking a minuscule 0.6 per 9 innings. Cormier also had a good month, with an ERA under 2 in 10.1 innings. Cole Hamels made his Major League Debut in May, and did well (though with a lot of walks) until "the pop heard round the world" sidelined him. It was actually not a bad month for all Phils without the initials "CL" "RF," or "GF."

But towering over all other pitchers was the undoubted ace of the staff, Brett Myers. Brett lead the Phils in Innings, Strikeouts, and No-Decisions. In 6 starts, all of them quality, he garnered only 2 wins. Despite this, he battled for a sparkling 2.49 ERA striking out 6.4 and walking 1.9 per 9 innings. He should get serious consideration for being an all-star at this rate.

Congratulations, Brett Myers, Pawnking's Pitcher of the Month!

Disclaimer: No discussion of who the winner will be ever influences this judge. Any wagering on the outcome of "Pawnking's Phillies of the Month" is strictly prohibited. Unless I get a cut, in which case I might be convinced to rig the count.


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