Friday, June 23, 2006

Thoughts on the unpleasantness

Brett Myers seems to have done something which is still considered a taboo in this country. It looks pretty bad for him, and although I'll reserve final judgement until all the facts are out, the facts that are out are pretty damning.

Prediction: The man doesn't throw another pitch in Philadelphia. While the team is taking the safe "Innocent until proven guilty" line, I can't imagine a circumstance where anyone in the Philadelphia area wants to see him pitch another inning in a Philly uniform. Brett has already given his wife a black eye. No need for him to do the same for the city.

As for me, I am inclined to say no matter what they have invested in Brett Myers, dollar wise, the Phillies management would be wise to release him unconditionally only after suspending him for the season. Surely the morals clause applies here, doesn't it?

As for Mr. Myers personally, get help for yourself. Not for your career, but for your soul. There is no excuse for battering a woman. None.


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Sorry, but that's just dumb. We're here to win games and Brett helps us do that.

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous George S said...

I agree with you.
Unfortunately, I'm guessing that the Phillies will have to wait for the legal proceedings to finish before they would have a leg to stand on for suspending him or cutting him. It becomes ever more complicated if Myers is able to plea bargain it down and gets off lightly.
I think the best, quickest option is to trade him asap and get what you can get. Every team needs pitching, so perhaps we can wrangle a C or a 3B out of someone. But even if we can't, good riddance.

And I'm respectfully disagreeing with chris fp on this one.
Suppose a player is an open racist and bigot?
No, for a baseball franchise and it's top management it's not all about winning games. That's for the manager and players to worry about. It's all about making money and keeping fans.
Ask the Expos.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger John Salmon said...

And I'm not so respectfully disagreeing with chrisfp on this one.

The idea that it's okay to hit your wife, or anyone else, because you have a low ERA is just despicable. Get rid of Myers now.


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