Saturday, July 22, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Incredibly busy. Sorry for the long hiatus, people. When I got back home, my den was flooded, and between that and the new job, no time at all for blogging! I mean, none!

I see the Phils have been treading water while I was away. There's been some rumors about Abreu being traded, but "Stand" Pat has done nothing. He'll soon have to decide to fish or cut bait. Half of me is rooting for the Phils to clean house and trade away the high-priced talent, hopefully for good prospects, but the other half remembers we're not far out of the Wild Card, and Houston wasn't given much of a chance last year, either.

Go Phils! Blogging will still be spotty for a while as I fix the den and adjust to my new schedule.